Parents Against Critical Theory


Scott Mineo, Founder of PACT

Parents Against Critical Theory (PACT) is a grassroots advocacy and outreach organization that is adamantly opposed to Critical Race Theory in all forms.  Founded in September 2020, PACT has been dedicated to bringing awareness to people across the country regarding this regressive, divisive, and destructive ideology in our schools, society, and exposing those who are responsible.  We also believe that freedom of speech and diversity of thought are fundamental structures of a free society and should always be protected and celebrated.

PACT has taken a stand against this insidious ideology, and we are actively helping Americans across the country who recognize the imminent threat that Critical Race Theory presents to our country, their community, and are helping them get organized to fight back.


Parents Against Critical Theory (PACT): 

  • Educate the public about the radical indoctrination in K-12 and its existential threats
  • Continue using all forms of media to expose the radical indoctrination in K-12. education, its perpetrators, the resources and methods being used.
  • Mobilize and empower parents all over the country, in every school and locality to organize and become actively involved in the disruption and dismantling of Critical Race Theory.
  • Research, investigate and reveal corruption, dishonesty, fraud, and other misconduct in public institutions to achieve a more ethical and transparent society.
  • We are passionate and truly believe in our mission. We must maintain our focus on exposing and eradicating Critical Race Theory wherever it may be. The best people are motivated by purpose.
  • Providing Critical Race Theory related resources for people across the country to become more informed about CRT, understand what to look for when embarking on their CRT fight and how to get started.
  • We are also exploring a “research” offering that would be available to other nonprofit organizations to help them establish a framework/background of those responsible for, and the advocation of CRT in their school system.
  • Provide an outlet for teachers and victims (students) to share their CRT stories, examples, and experiences anonymously.

PACT is committed to providing a safe, empathetic, respectful and supportive learning environment in order to empower every student to make a meaningful contribution. When a school system attempts to indoctrinate students and staff with the regressive, divisive, and destructive Critical Race Theory ideology, we lack the positive culture and truly inclusive climate that supports ALL students’ growth.

PACT calls for all students, staff, families, and members of communities around the country to engage in the disruption and dismantling of Critical Race Theory. PACT rejects racist and other hateful behavior and language, recognizing that Critical Race Theory encourages discrimination, hatred, oppression, and violence.