Parents Against Critical Theory

PACT to School!

Parental-Student "Opt-Out" Letter

Simply fill out the opt-out letter for each of your students and email it to the counselor, principal and each of their teachers. Also, consider printing numerous copies so that your student can have them in their backpack and perhaps a copy of the email that was sent. PACT is not claiming that this will solve all of our problems, however school’s failure/refusal to honor the parents opt-out letter may very well present a legal challenge and certainly create an administrative nightmare.

VA HB257 School to Prison Pipeline Initiative

  • In Virginia, if a crime occurs on school property (inside, outside, school bus), the principal does NOT have to report to law enforcement.  Check your states “School to Prison Pipeline” approach, it’s likely identical
  • Principal and superintendent are protected from all civil liabilities
  • Why? Cut back on the “School to Prison Pipeline”
  • Broward County, FL enacted the nations first “School to Prison” pipeline policy. February 14, 2018 Parkland HS school shooting occurred
  • 8/17/21 LoudounNow: “alleged assault of an immediate family member inside a bathroom by a person identifying as gender fluid.”

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