Parents Against Critical Theory

Lifecycle Stage #2: Transformation

Lifecycle Stage #2:Transformation

The Declaration: The Vanguard declares the institution a “Racist Institution”, thus rationalizing a radical revolution.

  • For example: “As a school district, we ourselves have contributed to racism and injustice through silence, through a curriculum that tells a single story and perspective, through apathy, and through our educational systems. We are good people and we also acknowledge the role our institution has played.”

Re-writing the Charter:

  • The Vanguard re-writes the institution’s charter in accordance with Critical Race Ideology. 
  • “Equity means giving special focus to certain groups, to better serve those groups that have been under-represented or under-served. When we focus on these groups, the whole district benefits (this is ‘Targeted Universalism)

Grooming: The Vanguard slowly grooms the members of the institution (administrators, staff) and community (students, parents) into accepting Critical Race Ideology via the new so-called “Anti-Racist” (but actually racist) curriculum.

Redirection of Resources:

  • The Vanguard redirects the resources of the organization into a Systemically Racist Apparatus that establishes and maintains the Vanguard’s power.  The primary focus is to eliminate “inequalities” and sustain “equity based accountability systems”
  • The Vanguard installs its Apparatchiks into positions of power in the Institution: Equity Departments, Equity Lead Positions in Every School, Hire Executive Director of Equity and Chief Equity Officers, and Student Equity Teams (Student Equity Ambassador Club).  As the Apparatus grows, more and more money is spent on “Administrators” who police for ideological purity.

Recruitment: Recruitment and hiring are maintained via strict ideological purity tests (equity focused interview questions)


  • Ideological purity is fiercely policed. Re-education Seminars and Struggle Sessions indoctrinate school staff and teachers.  “Listening Sessions” are Critical Race Theory Struggle Sessions.  Listening Session’s intent is to collect incriminating confessions from its participants by the Listening Session’s facilitator, a Critical Race Activist. These incriminating confessions of racism are recorded and used as leverage against the participants.
  • It starts with soft training in “Culturally Competency” to control the learning process and build out an “Equity Army”.  Partnerships are established with “Equity Partners” to support these efforts.

Purges: Anyone questioning Critical Race Doctrine is branded a “racist” and expelled from the institution.  Fear of personal and professional ruin keeps teachers and staff in line.

Re-writing the Curriculum:

  • The “Equity Task Force” or “Committee” claims the school curriculum is “racist”.  The school district, and the people in the community have contributed to racism and injustice through silence, through a curriculum that tells a single story and perspective, through apathy, and through our educational systems
  • They claim to use an “equity lens” to develop elementary social studies curriculum that includes multiple points of view, primary resources, and the use of culturally responsive instruction.
  • Adoption of diverse books and authors that focus on racism and injustices

Perpetuation: Students graduate and enter university, where the process is repeated.

End Game:

  • After parents and children have been sufficiently groomed to obey the Critical Race Vanguard, they respond to orders to perform civil disobedience.
  • According to the strategy of “The Long March Through The Institutions”, this starts off as mild non-violent civil disobedience.
  • Anyone disobeying the Vanguard is violently attacked
  • The media is also infiltrated by the Critical Race Vanguard. As “protests” become more and more violent, the media conduct propaganda, reporting on the protests as “peaceful.”
  • As the ideological brainwashing becomes more complete, and as the Socialist Apparatus gains enough power that it can’t be resisted, the demands become more extreme.
  • The goal of Critical Race Theory isn’t just the takeover of your school district. The goal is a Race-based Socialist State. The takeover of the students’ minds is a means to an end.  Race-based Socialism.

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