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Critical Race Theory is a Product Lifecycle

Critical Race Theory can at times be overwhelming and confusing to understand!  The words “Critical” and “Theory” conjure up thoughts of having a stack of books on the left side of your desk, a dictionary on the right side, and a fresh brewed pot of coffee.  There’s no question that the theoretical history and development of CRT is important to understand, conceptually.  However, while the theoretical elements of CRT are important to understand, from where I sit, it’s not the most important aspect of CRT to understand.  The most important aspect is the “CRT Lifecycle”.  If you think of CRT as nothing more than a product (of the Grievance Industry) it will make it a little easier to digest.  

This website will provide information for all aspects of Critical Race Theory, including theory.  However, as we said earlier, we strongly believe that the “CRT Lifecycle” is the most important aspect for people to understand, especially for those that are considering going to battle with their state, county, or school districts.  The “Equity in Action” aspect of our website is focused on providing information/content/examples in (3) key areas: