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Critical Race Theory is a Product

Critical Race Theory can at times be overwhelming and confusing to understand!  The words “Critical” and “Theory” conjure up thoughts of having a stack of books on the left side of your desk, a dictionary on the right side, and a fresh brewed pot of coffee.  There’s no question that the theoretical history and development of CRT is important to understand, conceptually.  However, while the theoretical elements of CRT are important to understand, from where I sit, it’s not the most important aspect of CRT to understand.  The most important aspect are the “Implementation & Delivery” attributes of CRT.

If you think of CRT as nothing more than a product (of the Grievance Industry) it will make it a little easier to digest.  For all practical purposes, there are (3) rudimentary phases that a product will go through, including CRT:

  • Phase #1: Conceptual/Theoretical

    Strong Public Awareness: Phase 1 has garnered a lot of public awareness with radical "scholars" such as; Derek Bell, Kimberly Crenshaw, Robin DiAngelo, and Ibram Kendi., Whether in the media, writing blogs, books or deep "academic studies".  Their collective efforts are responsible for transforming American society into the battle grounds of a racial civil war.

  • Phase #2: Creation/Design/Production

    Moderate Public Awareness: Phase 2 is the "Creation" of the CRT concepts.  During this phase, the special interest groups, equity consultants, race hustlers, and academia design the format, framework, and rollout of CRT.  These frameworks are then presented and adopted by state & local governments and school districts.

  • Phase #3: Implementation/Delivery

    Minimal Public Awareness: Phase 3 has had the least amount of focus and is the most dangerous and insidious aspect of CRT.  In this phase, school districts will: contract with Equity Consultants to help with the implementation and delivery of CRT, align themselves with "Equity Partners" such as the Southern Poverty Law Center to train staff & students with CRT related material, and indoctrination will commence.

This website will provide information for all aspects of Critical Race Theory, including theory.  However, as we said earlier, we strongly believe that the “Implementation/Delivery” phase of CRT is the most important phase for people to understand, especially for those that are considering going to battle with their state, county, or school districts.

For the moment, we are focused on providing information/content/examples in (3) key areas:

  1. Equity Consultants: Equity Consultants are nothing more than individuals or groups of people charging big bucks to tell school districts and corporations how racist they are. 
  2. Equity Presentations: Training for Teachers, Students, Framework(s), Etc.  Each of the (28) examples are real, developed by Loudoun County Public Schools, Loudoun County Public Schools Equity Committee, NAACP, Adjunct Equity Committees, etc.
  3. Equity Educational Partners: In the world of Critical Race Theory, there are “Equity Partners”.  An Equity Partner develops, creates, and distributes CRT centric material, as well as training for teachers, students, and parents.