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Teacher Communication: Student Six

At the heart of The Students’ Six strategies is the idea that students have a lot to teach teachers when it comes to addressing issues like race, racial justice, racial dynamics, and cultural sensitivity in the classroom. We’ve developed a process to help that teaching happen. It’s a process drawn from from research-based strategies that have been proven effective with students of color.

The Students’ Six is not a product or a resource in and of itself. Rather, it’s a process—a process built on facilitating open communication between students and teachers. The six strategies listed below grew out of one particular implementation of the process. Here’s a nice article from KQED’s Mind/Shift blog about how The Students’ Six process took shape in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

“Students Six”: Student-Centered Equity Professional Development

Part 1

“Students Six”: Student-Centered Equity Professional Development

Part 2

Two student facilitators gave keynote speeches at the 2013 School Improvement and Innovation Summit.

Erika Franco-Quiroz Keynote Speech

Jotham White Keynote Speech