Parents Against Critical Theory

Sourced Documents #2

Required Loudoun County Public Schools teacher training, “Culturally Responsive Teaching”.  This is really bad.

Loudoun County Public Schools Equity Workshop output towards the creation of their new “Equity Policy”.

Loudoun County Public Schools Discipline Disproportionality update.  Plenty of charts, graphs, and suggested actions but notice that they conveniently leave out the categories of the infractions and repeat offender data points.  The State of VA has this information but Loudoun County Public Schools chooses not to provide because it would not support their narrative. 

Loudoun County Public Schools Academies of Loudoun is a new higher education STEM type of school.  In August 2020, Loudoun County Public Schools dumbed down the admission requirements claiming they were discriminatory towards black students.  Guess what happened?  Black student applicants, offers and acceptance went down by almost an average of 2%.  So much for this “equity” experiment.  It should be noted that the NAACP lead the charge here.

While this model of the “Treatment of Transgendered Students in Virginia’s Public Schools” is specific to Virginia, the framework, language, and policies will be identical across other states.  Loudoun County Public Schools has approximately 82,000 students and only 350+/- transgendered students.  So Loudoun County Public Schools has turned the system upside down because of .4% of the student population.

The State of Virginia legalized marijuana on April 7, 2021.  They proudly highlight that marijuana is a perceived to be low risk for adolescents.

Loudoun County Public Schools “Identity Inclusive Texts Rubric” is a tool they use to evaluate books which depict members of groups who are historically marginalized or misrepresented in school resources and literature.

This is an actual Loudoun County Public Schools curriculum for elementary school aged students.  Not good.

This is a draft version of the “Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)” between Loudoun County Public Schools, Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, and the Town of Leesburg Police Department.  This basically governing policies on how law enforcement supports Loudoun County Public Schools, interacts with students, etc.  Loudoun County Public Schools wants law enforcement removed and replaced with healthcare workers and counselors.  Sound familiar?  Same model as Defund the Police.

This is a presentation created by a Loudoun County Public Schools high school’s “Student Equity Ambassador Club”.  Go through this and it will make even more sense why Parents Against Critical Theory filed a lawsuit.

Loudoun County Public Schools is basing their new Equity Policy after the Oakland unified School Districts equity policy.  This is the same school district that gave the world the failed linguistic experiment known as “Ebonics”.

Loudoun County Public Schools is also basing their new Equity Policy after the Montgomery County, MD School Districts equity policy.  Montgomery County, MD is a sanctuary county for illegal aliens and their crime stats prove this isn’t a good idea.

This is a partial list of financial donors to a Loudoun County Public Schools Board member.  On page (2) notice who one of Ian Serotkin’s donors was, Tides Advocacy.  Tides Advocacy is an adjunct org to the Tides Foundation which is a major George Soros donation recipient.

This document is the State of Virginia’s Department of Education Annual Report for Discipline, Crime and Violence for all Virginia schools.  This is the most up to date version I could locate.  The main point is you can see all of the infraction categories that Loudoun County Public Schools refuses to incorporate in their disciplinary reports.  They’re hiding something.

When dealing with Critical Race Theory there is no end goal accept to perpetuate the ongoing narrative that America is racist.  I found this “Scorecard” and found it interesting.  If nothing else, you may be able to glean some helpful insight when battling these sinister people.

This summary report from 2012 may some old but very little has changed with the game of race hustling.