Parents Against Critical Theory

Learning for Justice

Cover of ‘Teaching Tolerance’ magazine, Spring 2021 issue.
Teaching Tolerance Magazine, Issue 66, Spring 2021
Illustration of people protesting.
“We Won’t Wear the Name”: At these three high schools, each named for Robert E. Lee, students led the way toward change.
Illustration of different color desk chairs.
It Was Always About Control: When schools closed due to coronavirus, educators and students made big changes to adapt to distance learning. Too many policies didn’t change at all.
male student listening
Resources for Learning About Israel and Palestine: We want to lift up some resources around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We hope you find them useful.
Young student raising hand to ask question during class lecture
Chauvin Was Found Guilty. Now What?: This open letter reminds educators that accountability isn’t justice—and that justice requires an ongoing commitment to anti-racism from all of us.
Group of adults meeting at a table.
Anti-racism, Educators Must Do the Heavy Lifting: Educators can’t identify as anti-racist without addressing the racism already present in schools.
Illustration of people watering plants on top of a school.
A Flaw in the Foundation: If we’re serious about dismantling white supremacy in schools, teacher preparation programs are an obvious place to start.
A microscope
Use the Tools of Science to Recognize Inequity in Science: We know anti-racist STEM curriculum is critical, but it can be hard to find. These LFJ grantees have created a resource to help.