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Critical Race Theory Glossary

Fighting Back:

Fighting Back against Critical Race Theory (CRT) is not a small effort.  However, “Fighting Back” doesn’t necessarily mean throwing open the doors, and yelling to the world “I’m here and I’m ready to fight”.  It does require a genuine willingness and a few things to consider:  

  • Discuss as a family, because this is one heck of an endeavor 
  • Be prepared to develop think layer of skin, or CRT body amor
  • You’re already considered a racist (no matter what color you are), so just accept the premise, and this will allow you to move forward without these ridiculous statements and distractions.  Debating this is like arguing with a (2) year old
  • Be prepared to become a “researcher”
  • Be prepared to become frequently angry with what you discover, it’s natural.  However, you will eventually become numb, and while this isn’t a good thing it will allow you to maintain focus, NOTHING should surprise you
  • Be prepared to be committed (both forms of “committed” may apply)
  • Consider using an alias for safety & security reasons until the time comes and you’re “outed” 
  • Keep your activities somewhat quiet or “on the down-low”

Get Organized:

  • Consider using OneNote, EverNote, or some other type of note-taking program for free-form information gathering tool (notes, links, screenshots, videos, documents, tables, etc. all in one location
  • Once you’ve gathered enough information/evidence, and you want to begin sharing, create a website (personally I like  If you’ve never created a website before, figure it out!  PACT did the same, and eventually it becomes addictive!  
  • Become familiar with who your school & county board members are.  It’s very important to understand who is involved in the CRT takeover and who you might be able to work with.
  • Forget about hurt feelings of those you may expose, it doesn’t matter.  Why?  Because you, your kids, and all of the other kids didn’t matter when they made their unscrupulous decision to indoctrinate our kids, they do NOT have their best interest in mind
  • Try to understand what outside influencers are involved: NAACP, Unions, Black Lives Matter, etc.  Determine their roles in and out of the schools
  • Begin searching your school districts website using some of the terms below.  This is when the “pulling a thread on a sweater” will be realized

Combatting CRT In Your Community