Parents Against Critical Theory


Ben Shapiro (born January 15, 1984) is an American conservative political commentator and media host. At age 17, he became the youngest nationally syndicated columnist in the United States.  He writes columns for Creators Syndicate, Newsweek, and Ami Magazine, serves as editor emeritus for The Daily Wire, which he founded, and hosts The Ben Shapiro Show, a daily political podcast and live radio show. He was editor-at-large of Breitbart News between 2012 and 2016. Shapiro has written eleven books, the first being Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth (2004) and the latest being How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps (2020).

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New Discourses means two things—a kind of play on the word “discourses.” These two things relate to one another. On the one hand, discourses are how we talk about things, the dialogues we’re having, and even the dialogues we’re not having or not able to have honestly. On the other, discourses is a technical term within the academic literature that means, roughly, ways things can be spoken about legitimately within a particular context. For example, the ways lawyers speak about law and the practice of law can be referred to as legal discourses. The discourses, in this formal sense, can shape, define, or limit the discourses, in the sense of dialogue, that we are having and are able to have. Thus, the name of New Discourses fits.

The goal of New Discourses is to provide means and opportunities to have new discourses, in both senses of the word. Our social, political, and cultural conversations have, in many ways, become stagnant, even while they flourish in whole new ways thanks to the internet, media, and social media. Conservatives are expected to say conservative things; progressives are expected to say progressive things; and people are struggling to communicate effectively with one another. We need some new discourses.